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Hands On: Logitech Slim Combo 10.5″

My initial hands on is positive for this set. The size is good, as is the overall build quality. It’s hard to say how well it will perform, but expect a post about that next week.

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I will make posts regularly, along with a few friends who will help to provide more content for the site. So hang in there for now while I get everything configured.

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First Impressions: Amazon Tap

The Amazon Tap is a well made device. The build quality is good. The packaging is some of the easiest to open that I’ve ever received. And, the initial setup is very easy.

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SONOS: 2 Years Later

I have been using various Sonos speakers for almost 2 years now. A lot has changed over the past year in regards to the software and even hardware available from the company.

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